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How Does Guaranteed Rent Sound?

Guaranteed Rent for Landlords

We have partnerships in place with a number of local corporate businesses who are looking for properties for their employees. We are seeking properties with room for 3-6 people, for long term accommodation for these businesses. These arrangements typically last for 3-5 year agreements which landlords receiving a fixed rental income, paid each and every month without all of the normal stresses involved in letting out a property.

We will essentially become your tenant, handle all of the ongoing management and maintenance and you receive your monthly payment. 

Get in touch for a free property appraisal to find out if your property is suitable for our clients. 

No Voids

Fixed monthly payment, every month whether the property is occupied or not

No Fees

We manage the property on your behalf, and do not charge you any fees for doing so.


We carry out regular inspections to ensure your property is being looked after.


You'll know exactly how money you will receive every month for the length of the agreement.

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